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Consulting & Secondment

Cherry Soda Events provides freelance and consulting event management  solutions on a short-term, long-term contract or project basis to facilitate all your in-house event requirements.

We provide a dynamic events team to work remotely as a dedicated and fully integrated extension of your organisation to handle all your in-house daily event management requirements with out the need to hire a full-time in-house events manager or coordinator saving you large overheads.

We will engage in strategic planning, project management, strategic event marking, hands on involvement in events operations and maximising revenue, including from sponsorship and stakeholder relationships.  We supply the head strong lead who have a passion for events, to project manage your events against multiple deadlines, and develop and maintain solid relationships with your stakeholders.

We can assist with your adhoc event needs, manage your annual events program or facilitate all your in-house and external corporate meetings, seminar and workshops.

Your dedicated event management team will be responsible for leading and managing the development, production and delivery of projects in order to meet client’s expectations and budget requirements. The scope also includes managing operational, and administrative functions to ensure specific events are delivered efficiently and effectively.

We have competitive short and long term contract rates as an alternative to hiring a fulltime events manager to suit your organization’s needs whether it be one month, 6 months or 12 months – we can tailor a solution to suit you.

The main benefits of having your own personalized team off-site,you will save thousands on not having to recruit and employ an events manager or coordinator at a full time wage. When using our contract services you are assigned your very own dedicated team to handle all aspects of our requirements reducing the need to outsource various elements from management, coordination, creative agencies, production etc. Our goal is to provide you a solution that is stress-free and one that works with your strategic business goals.

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