We are dedicated to our clients in creating events with strategic purpose and objectives.  


The Formula

1. The challenge

This is your baby. You come to us with an idea or your marketing strategy.

We discover and understand your objectives and strategic goals and the experience you want your customers to have.

We want to get to the roots of your organisational ethos and values so we can translate it into an event that fits you like a glove.

2. Brainstorm

We bounce around ideas around, have series of brain explosions, drink way too much coffee and suddenly the light bulb moment when a game changing idea it evolves into ‘The One’.

We believe the best ideas are created when working in a team.  We work as an extension of your company with your goals and objectives in mind

3. The Plan

“From little things, big things grow”

This is where we put pen to paper. Where the behind the scenes action is in full swing.

Every good plan takes time. We really get to the roots of what will bring the event to life to meet your objectives

We develop the project objectives and translate it into actionable plans, We create a comprehensive project schedule and set measurable KPI’s

4. Evolve

Throughout the event planning process we continually review and evolve the plan.  Every event is a work-in-progress which requires contact flexibility.

5. Make it happen

You’ve signed off on the mother of all plans and this is where we make it all happen. We work with you, keeping you up to date along the way with regular progress reports.

6. The Event

We’ve got our specialised team set and ready for action. All the T’s crossed and I’s dotted. We’ve been planning the ins and outs of this day for months – We’ve got this! – Let the games begin!

7. Review

We provide a comprehensive post evaluation of the event against our set KPIs and your event objects to measure success factors and your ROI

Say Hello

We would love to hear from you. we are always in the mood for a latte and a chat. Give is a buzz or shoot us an email to make an appointment.